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During the Coronavirus Crisis Diana Food Group is taking critical safety measures to ensure safe food production and delivery to all homebound, needy citizens. Diana Food Group considers itself a part of the pubic health system and will remain operation for as long as permitted. Diana Food Group is NOT a public food service operation so we do not have contact with the general public. Contact our office at 954-788-0411 to arrange needed food services.


Diana Food Group has become one of the largest providers of meals for the elderly, frail, homebound, ill, and handicapped. We are also one of the largest Child Care Food Program providers in the state of Florida.  In addition, Diana Food Group is a FEMA provider of shelf-stable meals which are distributed in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster.


Please contact us at 954-788-0411 and find out about the many services that we provide to you or your customers. 

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