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The Power of Natural Foods

Day Care & Summer Camp

At Diana Food Group, we are committed to nourishing the children.  We understand the importance of giving every child the opportunity to grow into the best adult that he or she can.  As such, we provide nutritionally complete lunches for hundreds of schools throughout South Florida.  We uphold the requirements that the state menus provided us, as well as going above and beyond by custom designing menus for and with our clients. 


As proud members of the National School Lunch Program, Diana Food Group is investing in the future of America's citizenry.  In addition, Diana Food Group provides delicious and healthy meal choices for children in numerous summer camps and other programs.  

Daycare 2

High Quality Fresh Food Preparations Daily

Research shows that well-nourished children are healthier, more attentive, and have better mental performance than children who are under-nourished.  Diana Food Group serves children healthier food than children who bring food from home.  We help child care facilities implement "best practices" to ensure children have access to a variety of nutritious foods for healthy growth and to reduce obesity risk.

Diana Food Group also provides services for After School Meals Program administered by the Bureau of Child Care Food Programs.  These programs provide nutritious meals and snacks to children through public-private partnerships with organizations committed to caring for children.  All three programs are funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service.

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